Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Week 1 and 2: Black and White Portraits

Here is Shawna for week one... her laugh looks fake but she was laughing really hard at the fact that I told her to laugh. We were giggling about how silly modeling can be.

And here is another of Shawna just because its funny!

This is Charlotte. What a freaking cutie pie! I want to steal her! She wasn't happy with her toys so her dad came in and gave her a plastic orange cone. She loved it!

And here is an extra cutie photo just because...

And another because she is just that adorable!

Ahh what the hell here is one for good measure!

March Day 6 and 8

Day 6 Historical

I had a very hard time deciding what to do for this one but while I was walking realized that ferns are pretty historic. They have been here longer than us! So here it is... a sad winter fern.

Day 7... I totally spaced it and didnt take a photo of one of Chris's tattoos when I saw him so I have to wait until I see someone with one again. Slacker!

Day 8 Window

This could have been a stunning shot... however the stupid bird house was all wonky. Ugh! I am not too happy with it but I think the idea had potential. What is funny is I was sitting in the office looking out the window when I saw this and the idea hit me... go figure.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Day 5 Shadows

I was tossing and turning trying to fall asleep when I happened to look up to see this neat shadow up on the ceiling! What luck that was! I tried lots of different angles and such to shoot it. I felt pretty silly in the dark. I am semi pleased with this photo but I still think it could have been much better!

Day 4 All Dressed Up

So I have a bit of a lady bug issue in my bathroom. I guess you could say its better to be those than a gross type of bug. However its still a bug and its a little weird. But they are so darn cute with their red shells and black spots. So I decided that they look like they are all dressed up in their finest!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Day 1 and 2

It feels great to be taking photos again. I missed it a lot. Yay here are the photos for the first two days.

Day 1 Jump
Day 2 Glass

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Photography Challenge

I am going to do two challenges this month. I have missed my camera and need to get back into it. My month is not as busy as the last two so hopefully I can produce some nice work. I am going to do a daily challenge and a weekly challenge.


1. A theme will be posted and you may interpret it however you like. Post a link to your photo as a comment.

2. No editing. I want these to be straight from the camera.

3. If you cant post one every day its fine. Just go back to the blog entry and post your link to the photo. Dont feel like you have to participate in every one. Life is crazy and things happen that keep us busy.

4. Please no using photos that do not belong to you or you have previously taken.

Weekly- One black and white portrait a week for five weeks.

1. Jump
2. Glass
3. The Photographer
4. All Dressed Up
5. Shadows
6. Historical
7. Tattoo
8. Window
9. Male
10. Low Point of view
11. Disgust
12. The Golden Hour (Dusk)
13. Silhouettes
14. Hands
15. Bread
16. Curves
17. Shoes
18. Moving Target
19. Insects
20. Dance
21. Wood
22. Night shot
23. Flower
24. Reflection
25. Urban
26. Neon Sign
27. Spider Web
28. Dawn
29. Female
30. Black and White Nature
31. Out of Place

Week 3 and 4 Animals

So not much follow through has been done by others that were supposed to be doing the photo challenge and were picking the themes. But that's ok everyone gets busy and life throws us for a loop sometimes. Here are my two photos for animals....