Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 2 Contrasting Colors

Again it is another theme I have already done. I was so busy this week and everything I shot didnt really work for this theme. So I am going to use this one...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb Photo Challenge

So I had to take a bit of a break for Jan and wanted to start up another daily challenge for Feb but kind of forgot about it. So I am participating in a friends challenge. He and a few of his friends are doing a weekly challenge with one theme a week. This week was water. I was not as excited about it because it was one of my choices for my Oct challenge. Hopefully they choose something that I haven't done and if not I guess that makes it even more of a challenge in itself. I have kind of slowed down as far as taking photos goes. I am not sure why but just have not had the drive to do it. Lacking creativity? Maybe. Hopefully I can pull it together and get back into it a bit. Photography is like therapy for me in so many different ways. I feel like I am letting down a dear friend when I dont use my camera on a regular basis. Silly me!
Here is my water photo...Stephanie Robertson

Michael Linn