Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October Photography Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself and others this coming month. I want to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different themes and subjects. I take a ton photos everyday for no reason and thought it would be nice to have a goal for each day. This is for photographers with any skill level.


1. A theme will be posted and you may interpret it however you like. Post a link to your photo as a comment.

2. No editing. I want these to be straight from the camera.

3. If you cant post one every day its fine. Just go back to the blog entry and post your link to the photo. Dont feel like you have to participate in every one. Life is crazy and things happen that keep us busy.

4. Please no using photos that do not belong to you or you have previously taken.

The themes-

1- Trees
2- Laughter
3- Vehicles
4- The photographer
5- Flowers
6- Doorway
7- Water
8- “I ate this”
9- Black and White
10- Together
11- Heat
12- Symmetry
13- Leaf
14- Natural Landscape
15- Entropy
16- Looking down
17- Gadgets
18- The Camera
19- Rust
20- Ground Level
21- Home
22- Children
23- Pet Peeve
24- Travel
25- Signs
26- Caught in the act
27- Noodles
28- Music
29- Something Remote
30- Stairs
31- Fear

I hope you take up the challenge and share your photos with me! Good Luck!